GAME Ain’t Got No Game(s) – This Could Have A Bad ‘Mass’ Effect…

Yowzers. GAME will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 when it comes out. Scratch that. They’ll not be stocking EA games for the foreseeable future. Ouch. GAME has been in trouble for a little while now, click on to have this whole affair explained to you and why I think it’s bad news for gamers. Yes, BAD news. ‘I hate big corporations, I’m so cool, blah, blah, blah…’

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Jet Set Radio – HD on its Way!

Lovely news, everyone! Jet Set Radio is making its way in the form of a HD remake! Hazaa!

You can expect to be Jetting, Setting and Radio-ing your way around XBL, PSN and Windows soon enough.

If you’re REALLY into graffiti and even partake in the creation of it from time to time, this contest may be of interest to you.

[Thanks DToid]

Hyper Japan – Let’s Get Hype!

It’s been a bit of a slow week here on RinseWashRepeat. Not a lot’s been happening. Nothing’s caught my eye. Until yesterday.
I popped on over into London and had a look at ‘Hyper Japan’. An expo of some sort that celebrates everything Japanese. Food, film, culture and, here we go, games! click on to read what I got up, saw and thought about today at Earl’s Court.

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Wii Love You!

It’s clear that the Wii has come under some flak for its games. So much shovel ware and poor ports haven’t helped the Wii’s cause. Add into the mix graphics you’d expect from a PS2 and you’ve got a console that’s constantly thought of as inferior and laughed of as ‘casual’. To try to redress the balance, here’s a selection of legitimately amazing games that stand up to the expectations of the ‘hardcore’ gamer. Click on to see.

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Not A Review – UFC 3

UFC 3 is the latest offering of the popular MMA franchise. Developed by Yukes who used to be known for the Smackdown games, this series of games has had something of a mixed reception. The last game was good, building upon what was laid before it, but the changes weren’t different enough for people to stop feeling a little disappointed. Combined with the fact the Yukes managed to turn it round just 12 months after the original, people quire rightly complained that it was not enough and too soon after the first.

Yukes were smart enough to stop this annualisation in its tracks and took their time with this one. The question is, has this time been spent well? Click on to find out.

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Demo Arigato – Mass Effect 3

So. This is Mass Effect 3. The long-awaited sequel to Mass Effect 2, unsurprisingly. Hopes are high with this one. Bioware have something of a great track record, except for maybe Dragon Age 2, and people are quite rightly looking forward to the conclusion (?) of Commander Sheppard’s battle against the Reapers.

I managed to get some early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo that’s heading your way tomorrow. So, to find out what I thought about said demo, click on.

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My Monthly Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Review of Played Games. MMMMORPGRPG for short. So, to kick start this wonderful segment, I’ll be taking a look at the fabulous (?) game of APB.

If you haven’t heard of APB, you really should check it out. It’s got quite a story behind it. Does an interesting development make for an interesting game? FIND OUT! Continue reading “MMMMORPGRPG – APB – Month 1”