My Monthly Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Review of Played Games. MMMMORPGRPG for short. So, to kick start this wonderful segment, I’ll be taking a look at the fabulous (?) game of APB.

If you haven’t heard of APB, you really should check it out. It’s got quite a story behind it. Does an interesting development make for an interesting game? FIND OUT! To start with, a quick run down of what we have here. An MMO, for a start. You pick a side (cops or robbers) and from there, you get the MMO staple of creating a character. It has to be said, APB’s character creation is fantastic. Plenty of intuitive sliders for you to play around with and the characters truly respond to the changes. These sliders aren’t for show, you make some serious dents in the base model with these bad boys. Like with any good creation tool, you can go into as much or as little detail as you want and still come out with a character that’s unique and to your liking. Then it goes into the game.

This is where I have something of a problem. It’s just not all that fun. You have missions that often boil down to capture the flag or protect the base. The shooting feels a little loose and the reticule goes wild after the first shot. This may be down to the fact I’ve got some of the early level weapons, or it could be a design flaw. Stay tuned to find out. The allocation of missions is random, which makes it annoying when you get the same type of mission over and over. You get ‘calls’ to dispatch to certain areas to either commit or stop certain crimes. As mentioned, you’re either capturing the flag (drugs, weapons, explosives, etc) or protecting the base (weapons storage, drug den, explosives factory, etc).

The world this takes place in is nice enough. Varied locations that are full of alleyways to jump over and run through. Multi level buildings allow you to pick up some decent sniping spots and ramps that you drive cars over whilst screaming “I’m too old for this shit!” The driving, like the shooting is loose. Kind of floaty. Not terrible, but more functional. You and your crew can all hop in and drive around to the next mission. Which one will it be? Capture the flag or defend the base? I wonder! /sarcasm

So far, so bland. I’ll be spending a little more time with this MMO to see if it picks up. My plan is to join a guild, a clan, whatever and see if someone can open my eyes to the appeal of this game. So far, my MMO voyage is off to a very boring start.

Anything to add?

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