Aren’t We Over This Yet?

Wowza. Just finished reading this post over on Gaming Bus. Seems that people are upset about gay marriages in SW:TOR.

As the heading says, aren’t we over this yet? Sheesh…


Advertising an Advert

Whilst watching some crappy TV, my girlfriend got excited by an advert. It was for the new Resident Evil game.

“Look! A new Resident Evil game’s coming out” she said. “I don’t have a 3DS” I reply from the other room.
“No. This one’s on XBox.” She’d just seen advert for Resident Evil 6, a game coming out in NOVEMBER. late Novemeber at that. This leaves me one question.
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“Lifeless and Dull” – A Goodbye To ICT?

Today’s blog is something of a personal interest of mine. As a teacher of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and currently involved in also teaching Creative Media Production, I’ve had hands on experience with the way ‘computing’ is taught and the impact it has on student’s knowledge and aspirations. Finally, it seems like people (the Government) have been listening (common sense) and there’s a huge shift coming in the way ‘computers’ are taught. Click to read on.

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Fanboys – Why Did They Happen?

Today I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at ‘fanboys’. Most of you know what we’re on about and most of you may consider them a major annoyance. Thing is, why are they so prevalent, now more than ever? What makes them tick? Why do they need to sit there typing out venomous and ill-considered comments? Well, I’ll try my best to think this one through. Continue reading “Fanboys – Why Did They Happen?”

Stop People Stealing – Get Them To Pay What They Can Afford?

With piracy becoming a hot issue again (the legislation to combat it especially), it seems that some companies are trying to fight this by giving the pirate no excuse. They’re allowing them to pay what they can afford or even better. Games for free.

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