This Looks Denpa Mental – Handheld War Over As ‘The Denpa Men’s Out

It was looking like a close-run thing for a while there. The 3DS launched earlier than the Vita. Then the Vita had a solid launch line-up. Then the iPhone pretty much ruined it for everyone by having games selling for 99p.

Now it’s no longer a contest. Last week saw the launch of ‘The Denpa Men’. The 3DS’ secret weapon. Continue reading “This Looks Denpa Mental – Handheld War Over As ‘The Denpa Men’s Out”


It’s Blogging, But Not As I Knew It – My Posts are Now Moving

Hi everyone. Some fairly big news I suppose.

I’ve spent the few months studying for a programming exam. So the good news is that I’m now an Oracle Certified Java Programmer. Which is superb.

Another thing to let you know of is the fact that I’m now writing for a couple of different sites. To keep you all up to speed with what I’m doing, I’ll be posting links to my work. So you’ll be able to read what I write, just not on this blog anymore.

That’s not to say that I won’t be updating this thing at all, but my main focus will be on the websites that I’m now working for.

So, everyone. Thanks for all of your hits, comments and time. See you on the other sites!