A Little Help?

Hello there people. I’m assuming that there are still people that stumble onto these pages and that you’re not all robots created to spam the hell out of my comments.

Whatever you are, I’m looking for a little feedback if you can give it (and even if you can’t). I’ve edited my page all to do with my coding. I’m really looking to switch industries right now, moving out of education and hopefully into a programming role. The thing is, I’ve spent the last 5+ years developing other people’s programming skills – helping to make other people look good – and I’ve totally left myself out of the loop.

So, what I’d like to know is this – ‘what’s missing from my Coding’ page’? I’ve put some of my previous work on there and I’m working away on some new pieces, but is there anything in particular that you’d really want to see from looking to become a ‘professional’ programmer?

Freelance work, Game Jams and my own projects – I’ve done them all. I just can’t seem to get anyone to give me that first ‘proper’ title.