Fitness – What Does That Even Mean?

I just went and read through the post where I chatted about the 4 main goals I wanted to focus on via this blog and one of them was ‘fitness’.

What an utterly useless and abstract thing to achieve.

So let me break it down into a couple of areas that I think fall into the ‘fitness’ category;

– Be Able To Run
– Be Stronger
– Be Less Flabby
– Be Able To Compete In A Sport

These? These are all much more measurable and better goals to set. With this in mind, let’s focus on the first on that list. How am I doing this? By participating in a ‘Messy Middle-Class Obstacle Course’.

I’m talking about Tough Mudder.
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Learning Japanese

I know it’s a cliche for someone who’s interested in video games to also ‘want to learn Japanese’ but I couldn’t give less of a toss. For years now I’ve spent time listening to podcasts, learning hiragana and katakana and picking up the odd word and phrase here and there.

The problem I’ve run into now is that I simply don’t have a structure or a real ‘goal’ to aim for. I’m sat here saying ‘I want to learn Japanese’ but learning a language is a mammoth task. Where do I start? What should I learn first?

Well, this is exactly what I’ve gone and figured out with huge amounts of help from Fluent Forever (check out this page in particular). Here’s the goals I’ve got set for myself;
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Blog 2.0

It’s time for an update and it’s time to revisit just what this corner of the internet is all about. See, when I started this blog all those years ago I had just planned on writing about video games with the aim being that someone would read my pieces and then allow me to write on their site. It was a foolproof plan and it worked flawlessly. I’ve gone on to receive countless review copies of games, attend all manner of events and just have a grand old time.

Then I used this blog to act as something of a portfolio because I wanted to change career. As someone that loved to teach but began to hate being a teacher, it was time to make a big shift and see if I could become a programmer. Well, a professional programmer. For years I’d been coding and teaching others how to function (geddit!?) but that wasn’t good enough for most companies. They wanted to see examples of games and apps I’d made. So, in between hours of lesson planning, teaching, marking work and obtaining my diploma in education I also spent time producing example pieces for my portfolio. You know what? That worked a treat too!

So I’m now a professional programmer – my day job involves making apps for a publisher of educational books. It’s a pretty sweet gig. On top of that I’m now doing my own work, having setup my own company ( where I make mobile games. I also write for a number of websites still, so that’s all good too.

So what’s to become of this site? Well, the idea is to chat about my other things I’ve got going on. I’ve got 4 main areas that I’m trying to improve aside from my video game writing and making. They are;

Forex – I’d love to get into Forex trading and find it pretty fascinating. I think keeping a diary of my successes and failures would be a good way to go and would be a good way to stay disciplined in trading (with a demo account) and making sure I analyse what went well or poorly each day.

Learning Japanese – Another goal of mine that requires discipline and although no-one will read this blog, it’s a good way to ensure I stick to a plan else I’ll look like a total tool in front of everyone (no-one).

Fitness – This one’s pretty vague and a bit too broad, so I’ll come up with some more concrete aims fairly soon. Basically, last year I took up rugby and it was a baptism of fire, tough tackles and rough rucks. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you’re not helping your teammates out and I’d love to improve my stamina and get stronger. An added bonus would be that I could earn the title of ‘Buff Ting’ – which would be lovely.

YouTube – Rather than be a crusty old man (I’m 30, you know) I’ve decided to ‘get into’ YouTube more recently and I’ve been super surprised. Outside of the shouty tossers and right-wing ballbags there’s some amazing content to be found. Danny O’Dwyer’s ‘NoClip’ channel is particularly incredible and whilst I won’t be doing anything quite like he does, I feel it would be a good challenge to see if I could get some subscribers to watch me play video games. Everyone else is at it, so why not me?

So that’s the plan. I’ve got a couple of things that I want to work on and this will be the place where I’ll write about what I’m up to and keep you informed on the progress I’m making. Plus, if there’s anything else I fancy writing about this’ll be the place for it too.

Or maybe I’ll just never write on this blog ever again. Who knows?