Wii Love You!

It’s clear that the Wii has come under some flak for its games. So much shovel ware and poor ports haven’t helped the Wii’s cause. Add into the mix graphics you’d expect from a PS2 and you’ve got a console that’s constantly thought of as inferior and laughed of as ‘casual’. To try to redress the balance, here’s a selection of legitimately amazing games that stand up to the expectations of the ‘hardcore’ gamer. Click on to see.

No More Heroes – This may be a case of style over substance, but when the game’s this stylish, it matters not. Travis Touchdown is on a mission to become the number 1 assassin, get the girl and earn some money. You go from assassin to assassin, each having their own unique personality and, that word again, style. The motion controls are understated and well implemented, making the 360 and PS3 ports actually worse. Great stuff.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – The Wii’s abilities are put to great use here. Your controller acts like a mobile phone, meaning you have to put it to your ear to hear the eerie messages left around town. Some dodgy ‘waggle to escape’ moments aside, the game is atmospheric, takes place in a detailed world and has a truly amazing ending. Honestly, apart from Silent Hill 2, this may be the best Silent Hill game ever.

Super Smash Brothers : Brawl – What’s great about Nintendo? That’s right, their huge roster of recognizable characters. This fighter pits Nintendo’s finest (as well as Sonic and Snake) against each other in a manic free-for-all. Whist it’s easy to get to grips with, there’s a depth to the game that is just waiting to be unearthed. The facts it’s used in tournaments is testament to this. A huge single player mode with tons of unlockables, the best online the Wii has to offer (I know that’s not saying much) makes this another amazing game to Wii’s arsenal. Go get.

Super Mario Galaxy – You must know this. Super Mario Galaxy looks stunning. Not even in a ‘for the Wii’ way. Genuinely, lovely looking. The platforming is lovely, the levels are varied, interesting and sometimes devilishly challenging. I’m done talking. Watch this video and go buy the game (either one, both are great).

Zack & Wiki – Zack & Wiki plays like an old school point and click adventure. You use the Wii remote as you would a mouse. Explore the locations, pick up the objects, solve the puzzles and enjoy the colourful characters you run into through the course of the story. Yes, it’s bright and cheery, like nearly every other game on this list (and on the Wii in general) but it’s such a throw back to those LucasArts game of yore, you of go with it. You’ll be glad you did. This game is lovely. Trust me.

Super Paper Mario – Yes, another Mario game and another platformer at that, but wait. This game manages to overcome the Wii’s technical shortcomings with that thing that most modern ‘current gen’ consoles forget about. Style. You play as a (surprise) paper-thin version of Mario. This is more than just a graphical touch as it actually serves a gameplay purpose. You switch between standard 2D platforming and 3D platforming, using Mario’s new slim-line physique to get between cracks and crevices. This is more than a gimmick as the game truly holds its own as a platformer for the ages.

So, there it is. The highlights of the Wii as far as I’m concerned. Not a definitive list by any means. Just a reminder that the Wii is here, it has fine games and long may it continue. Oh balls, here’s the WiiU…

Anything to add?

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