Fitness – What Does That Even Mean?

I just went and read through the post where I chatted about the 4 main goals I wanted to focus on via this blog and one of them was ‘fitness’.

What an utterly useless and abstract thing to achieve.

So let me break it down into a couple of areas that I think fall into the ‘fitness’ category;

– Be Able To Run
– Be Stronger
– Be Less Flabby
– Be Able To Compete In A Sport

These? These are all much more measurable and better goals to set. With this in mind, let’s focus on the first on that list. How am I doing this? By participating in a ‘Messy Middle-Class Obstacle Course’.

I’m talking about Tough Mudder.

I call it that because A.) Holy shit is it pricey and B.) The rest of the name explains itself, don’t make me explain it. I simply won’t.

So with the run itself about to occur in a week, it’s nice to see that I’m Getting Better At Running. In fact, I’ve even started enjoying it and look forward to the hour or so of time that I’m not sat in front of a computer or behind a steering wheel or in my bed. Honestly, the other 23 hours of every day of my life comprise of doing those things (he says whilst typing ON HIS COMPUTER).

I’ve managed to run for 7 miles today and I did it without stopping for rest and I felt pretty good after the run thinking that I could have carried on. This is good because the Tough Mudder course is between 10 and 12 miles long and full of bullshit obstacles. If I felt like shit after a breezy 7 miles – 7 miles that didn’t ask me to dodge barbed wire or fight rabid dogs – I’d be feeling pretty nervous.

So I’ve not got a goal other than needing to finish the course. My aim is to not miss any obstacle, not need to resort to walking and not die. If I can do all of those things I’m calling it a win and will consider myself ‘fitter’ than before.

Simple as that. I’ll probably throw another post on this thing with photographic evidence of participation / completion, a bit of info on what I did to get ready and a promise to myself that I’ll never do it again. So whilst you look forward to that, I need to get my trainers on.


Anything to add?

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