Uniqlo – A Complaint

DISCLAIMER: This is going to be some serious ‘First World Problem’ type shit. So if you’re not interested in having someone moan about how they can’t get the video game T-shirts they want, shut that browser down now. In fact, if you don’t want to hear people moan about inconsequential stuff, I’d strongly recommend you nuke your Facebook and Twitter accounts too whilst you’re at it.

First – some props. Props to Uniqlo for producing some good T-shirts. They know how to do good T-shirts. They know how to do good T-shirts with good brands and good films and good bands and other good things on them. They do good men’s T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and kid’s T-shirts. They do good. Continue reading “Uniqlo – A Complaint”


For the Record

One of the things that keep me interested in a hobby or any sort of activity is the idea that I can get ‘better’ at it or see signs of progress. This is why I’ve enjoyed getting back into running.

As part of my prep for my middle-class obstacle course, I’ve done a whole bunch of running – much more than I’ve done in quite some time. Thanks to modern technology (which isn’t really that modern at all) I can keep tabs of just how far I’m running and how fast I’m running too. I’m currently using RunKeeper and for what I need, it’s pretty good. It’s also allowed me to say, categorically, that I’ve got better at running. Continue reading “For the Record”