A Little Help?

Hello there people. I’m assuming that there are still people that stumble onto these pages and that you’re not all robots created to spam the hell out of my comments.

Whatever you are, I’m looking for a little feedback if you can give it (and even if you can’t). I’ve edited my page all to do with my coding. I’m really looking to switch industries right now, moving out of education and hopefully into a programming role. The thing is, I’ve spent the last 5+ years developing other people’s programming skills – helping to make other people look good – and I’ve totally left myself out of the loop.

So, what I’d like to know is this – ‘what’s missing from my Coding’ page’? I’ve put some of my previous work on there and I’m working away on some new pieces, but is there anything in particular that you’d really want to see from looking to become a ‘professional’ programmer?

Freelance work, Game Jams and my own projects – I’ve done them all. I just can’t seem to get anyone to give me that first ‘proper’ title.


This Site Gets No Love…

Hello to anyone that still somehow stumbles upon this here website. You may have noticed that it’s gone unattended for quite some time now. Boy howdy, I sure have let this place go. It’s like an Animal Crossing village that’s been abandoned for centuries. Fucking weeds everywhere.

Anyway, I’m in the process of uprooting all of my internet doings and as part of that this site will metomorphise into something new and shiny very soon. It will not be ‘my’ site anymore – it’ll be my studio’s site.

I’m cranking away at starting up a mini game development studio and this website URL is perfect for it. So this WordPress jazz will be relegated to some horrible wordpress.freeaccount.tightbastard.rinse_washr3peat112.co.org URL. Them’s the breaks.

To soften the blow for anyone that stumbles upon this site, please know I’ll be using this as a personal thing on occasions and I’ll use this site to shamelessly self-promote my writings and game makings.

Whilst I’m here, here’s an old article that I wrote prior to the PS4 being announced. It never got used on any site I write for – I can’t figure out why. Enjoy!

(to enjoy, you need to click on the blog title and down 3 shots of whisky – the writing is inaccessible and utter rubbish otherwise)


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