My Coding

Flash (ActionScript 3 & ActionScript 2)



– A collection of games that replicate three classics for the NES Zapper. Written in AS2 using Flash. (Everything: Matt Parker)

Play it Here

Source Files Here

Tappy Bird

– A Flappy Bird clone written for a ‘Making Games With Flash’ unit that Matt delivers. Written in AS3 using Flash and FlashDevelop (Everything: Matt Parker)

Play it here

Source Code Here

Jumping Game


– ‘inspired’ by both Doodle Jump and Winterbells, this is another game that Matt made so he could use it in his lessons. Written in AS3 using Flash and FlashDevelop. (Everything: Matt Parker)

Play it Here

Source Code Here

‘Juicy’ Shooter


– After watching Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho’s talk on making a game ‘juicy’, Matt decided to make a game as juicy and as quickly as he could. It’s recommend you check out the video too. Written in AS3 using FlashDevelop. (Everything but the music: Matt Parker – Music: Bignic)

Play it Here

Source Code Here

Code Game


– A piece of freelance work that Matt was commissioned to do. Working with the client Matt was able to deliver a  game that replicates how passing instructions through code works. Choose your avatar and input some simple commands to make you way through the maze. Everything’s written in AS3 using Flash except for the level files which were stored in XML files. These were created using the Ogmo level editor. (Graphics: Client Provided – Coding: Matt Parker)

Play it Here

Source Files Not Available (now client owned)

C# / Unity

XNA Breakout

– A Breakout style game made using Microsoft’s XNA framework. Written in C#, using XNA and Ogmo was used to create XML files which were used for level creation. (Everything: Matt Parker)

Sadly, all source code of the game was lost due to a faulty HDD. Video of the game running on the Xbox 360 is available here.

Swipe Diver (UNRELEASED)

A game that I created using Unity. This will likely never be officially released as the project kind of ran out of steam. (Coding: Matt Parker, Design and Visuals: Evan Poirier)

Android and iOS Apps

You can download the APK files for both ‘Jumping Game‘ and ‘Tappy Bird‘. These APK files need Adobe AIR to run properly, though your phone / tablet should tell you that when you attempt to run them.


A simple infinite runner style of game. Available on iOS and Android.

Henry Burgers Flip



Another simple arcade game, commissioned by the fine people at Henry Burgers. Available on iOS and Android.

If you want me to work on a game with you, just ask. You can also visit the website for my new ‘studio’ that I just set-up. You’ll be able to see some of the games that I’ve launched here.

Contact him on Twitter, People Per Hour or E-mail, he’d love to hear from you.


Anything to add?

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