Like A Fish Out Of Money – Fez Won’t Get Patched Because It Costs Too Much

Oh Fez, what an interesting development cycle you’ve had.

But don’t let the fact you’ve been ‘finished’ and released stop you! What’s this new set of drama?

Phil Fish has had a fair amount of controversy in his short spell in the games development world. He started off having a huge fall out with his business partner, which is wonderfully caught on film in ‘Indie Game: The Movie’.

Then there was the drama where he simply called out the entirety of Japan’s game making community. That didn’t go down that well.

Still, after the game’s release, the fun didn’t stop there. Despite some seriously glowing reviews, the game was full of bugs that often cropped up in several critic’s scores.

Naturally, a patch came out and all was well. That’s only if you don’t include the 1% who had their save files corrupted by this patch. Which I do.

So, a patch for the patch was planned, but will never materialise thanks to today’s news. It turns out that it would be too expensive for Polytronic to get a new patch certified and released onto the XBLM, so it just won’t happen. Instead, we’ve got the old patch (the one that deletes saves) going live again.

A fair few comments on the Polytronic blog (where the news was broken) seem to side with Phil and his financially driven decision, though Ben Parfitt over on MCV takes Fish to task on his whining.

“paying so much money for patches makes NO SENSE AT ALL”

No sense at all? Personally, you see, I would argue that fixing a product which thousands have already purchased from you in a defective condition does actually make a lot of sense. No? Well, I’m one of those customers and I’m pretty fecking annoyed.

“the save file delete bug only happens to less than a percent of players”

Oh, right, well that’s fine then!

“We already owe microsoft a LOT of money for the privilege of being on their platform. People often mistakenly believe that we got paid by Microsoft for being exclusive to their platform. Nothing could be further from the truth. WE pay THEM.”

Really? Polytron has to pay Microsoft for the privilege of publishing exclusively on its platform? Polytron has paid for robbing itself of the right to bring Fez to other platforms and a far wider audience? Either that’s bullshit or Fish is a fool.

Mr Parfitt pulls no punches there, and whilst $40,000 seems like a lot to get something certified, these details must have been known to Fish and those at Polytron for the longest time.

So that’s that. No patch for Fez. Microsoft charge large sums of money for being on their service and indie developers who sign into the deal then complain when the deal’s not right for them.



2 thoughts on “Like A Fish Out Of Money – Fez Won’t Get Patched Because It Costs Too Much

  1. Phil Fish is a bit of a whiner, but that’s still an astronomical cost to patch the game. He could be exaggerating, though; if it truly cost that much to have the game certified, you’d think very few indies could afford to publish on XBLA. It’s a shame because back when Fez first began development, Steam wasn’t even close to the indie game haven that it is now; not even Audiosurf had been released at that point. Had Polytron initally developed Fez for PC instead, I imagine everyone would have been a hell of a lot happier.

    PS. Not gonna lie, I subbed just for that headline.

  2. No doubt, 40k is a LOT.
    The problem for me is where he seems to be looking for sympathy. He KNEW what he was getting into when signed to be with MS. If he didn’t, that’s stupidity that doesn’t deserve sympathy either.
    I’ll not go as far as to comment on the case like I know all of the details, I don’t think we ever will, but something seems ‘off’ with that sum of money being quoted. Like you say, how does any indie get onto XBox with those barriers in place?
    Thanks for the sub. Plenty more crappy headlines coming up. 🙂

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