Yakuza Newza! – Yakuza Franchise Gets Announcement Crazy!

Following on from yesterday’s somewhat negative SEGA post, I bring you some good news.

Well, it’s good if you like the Yakuza series of games of which there’s been, oh… seven?

Firstly, the big announcement today is the confirmation of Yakuza 1 + 2 getting the ‘HD Remake’ treatment.

This is pretty great news as Yakuza 1 & 2 were great brawlers, that had RPG elements to them, fantastic locales (Tokyo and Osaka respectively) and great stories. Not even ‘great for a computer game’ stories, just legitimately great.

Yakuza 3 & 4 are available on PS3, as the Yakuza series has been a Sony exclusive.

A key feature of Yakuza 4 was the fact it made you take the role of several playable characters and it looks like 5 will be no exception. The following is taken straight from Eurogamer and gives you an idea of the characters you’ll be meeting and playing as during the new gangster epic;

  • Kouichi Takasugi (played by Shou Aikawa) is a loan shark from Nagoya who’s after playable character, Tatsuo Shinada, a former baseball player with severe gambling debts.
  • Shigeki Baba (Shunsuke Daitou) is a prisoner in Hokkaido whose life changes dramatically upon meeting the hulking life-sentence prisoner and star of Yakuza 4’s best cutscene Taiga Saejima.
  • Mayumi (Nana Katase) works at a club in Fukuoka. She’ll play a major role Kiry’s storyline, and will appear in each of the game’s five cities.
  • Daigo Dojima (Satoshi Tokushige) the sixth chairman of the Tojo clan and friend of Kiryu’s who first debuted in Yakuza 2. Tokushige said he has far more spoken dialogue than in any previous Yakuza game.
  • Naoki Katsuya (Mitsuru Fukikoshi) is the head of a talent production company with ties to the mob. We assume this links with Haurka’s storyline about her pursuing a career as a pop star. We rate her chances of getting kidnapped likely.
  • A Detective in Osaka (Eiji Okuda). The man with no name – yet. He’s evidently pursuing all the main characters, as detectives are wont to do.

Here’s to hoping that the newest installment lives up to the quality that’s been set by previous iterations and that we’ll avoid seeing Kazuma Kiryu on lunchboxes in the future.

Anything to add?

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