*TOO MANY PUNS POSSIBLE* – ‘Dating Site’ Launches Aimed at ‘Gamers’

Holy. Cow. Whatisthisidonteven?

A new site has launched that looks to ‘introduce’ ‘gamers’ to each other.

Be warned, I’ll be using apostrophes a lot.

This is pretty ludicrous. A new ‘site’ has ‘launched’ simply called ‘shag a gamer’.

It seems pretty crazy to base an entire ‘site’ around ‘people’ wanting to ‘get together’ with other ‘people’ based solely on a ‘hobby’ they enjoy. As if the fact that someone does or doesn’t ‘play games’ is what’s ‘stopping’ you ‘meeting’ the ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ of your ‘dreams’.

It’s not an entirely new ‘idea’, have a ‘look’ at ‘Uniform Dating‘ for example. What makes me laugh / cry is the fact that the same ‘company’ ‘launched’ Date a Gamer, so the whole ‘idea’ of ‘subtlety’ has gone right out the ‘window’.

Anyway, that’s all I have to ‘say’ on the ‘matter’.


Anything to add?

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