Today In THQ – More News From The Troubled Publisher

To save me writing about THQ again, here’s someone else doing it.

Gamer Crash

With Jason Rubin meeting with all of their studios and doing his best to do whatever it takes to keep this thing going for as long as possible, a couple of pieces of news have recently come out from the company which I couldn’t help but want to discuss.

Rubin recently met with those crazy folks over at Volition, who recently gave us the over the top and truly excellent open world game, Saint’s Row: The Third.  The big news that came out of the meeting was that the upcoming expansion back, ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ is getting cancelled.  Before you enter rage mode, it’s worth noting that the content isn’t being scrapped, but integrated into the next game in the franchise, appropriately titled “The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise”. I really hope they keep that title.  Unfortunately, this lowers THQ’s revenue for their fiscal year by $20 million. 

On a…

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