Why Would U Develop For This? – Wii U To Offer Bigger Cut For Devs

It’s rumoured that Nintendo are planning on offering a larger cut of the sales for developers that produce content for their ‘E-Shop’.

It’s also said that they’re keen on ensuring that all retail games, both 1st party and 3rd, are available on their download service.

Why is this good?

It’s been said before that Nintendo have struggled to secure support from third party developers. I even went into some ideas as to why this is the case in a previous post. The gist of it being that developers want the maximum returns on their games. If they make for Xbox, it’s easy (-er) to convert this to both PC and PS3. The control schemes are near identical and the graphical capabilities don’t differ too greatly. Developing for Wii means that your game can only come out on Wii, with a PS3 ‘Move Compatible’ release your only chance of extending the reach of your product.

So it makes sense that Nintendo are pulling out all of the stops to attract the developers that they’ve no doubt lost thanks to the Wii. It also helps that the new controller is more akin to the traditional layout used in other consoles, though it still faces the future problem of being outdated in terms of graphical capabilities.

Will this be enough to secure the support of the developers? I’m hoping so, though with consumers struggling to get excited by 1st party titles (NINTENDOLAND!?) it seems like a struggle.

Anything to add?

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