Fight For Your Rights – Yuke’s Buys the Rights to Lingerie Football League

Whey! Get ’em out!

This is embarrassing. After all of the noise that’s being made (rightly so) about sexism and the treatment of women within video games, Yuke’s have today announced the ‘capture’ of the rights to the Lingerie Football League.

This means the developers of WWE and UFC games of yore will be bestowing us with a game based on the LFL license. Lucky us?

I initially figured that the LFL was a silly knock-about league where no-one really gave a crap about winning and the women were nothing but models dressed up as football players. To me though it looks like these ladies are serious about their sport.

It seems like a real shame that the only way they can attract an audience and get paid to play the sport they love is to play the sport they love in their under-wear. It makes me proud that football (or what would be called Soccer by some) acutally has leagues and World Cups that women compete in. You know, in full kit and everything.

You wouldn’t catch Hope Solo stripping down to her undies to play a game. *Google search*

“Play in my under-wear? How embarrassing!”

Anyway, back on topic. This is all a bit embarrassing for a developer who’ve made some quality games and shouldn’t need to stoop so low. An own-goal. Or a touch-down. Or a technical penalty foul. Or whatever those American’s call it. I don’t know.

Anything to add?

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