The Origin of Hypocrisy – EA’s Origin Store Has A Sale

EA’s rival to Steam, Origin, is having its own sale. Good news.

So. Why the post?

You see, EA has created Origin. Origin is a competitor in the ‘digital distribution’ market of which Steam is the near undisputed king of. There’s been a bit of history between Steam (owned by Valve) and Origin. EA games disappear from Steam, a press-release explains why, ‘there’s no trouble between us’ PR reps exclaim. It’s all a bit childish and whilst the business may have their reasons, it just buggers up gamer’s plans to buy things. Never good.

As part of this continuing sniping between the two, EA thought it’d be smart to smack-talk about Steam’s much-loved sales. They happen nearly every day, with discounts ranging from ‘pretty good’ to outright ‘insane’. EA, in their infinite wisdom, consider these tactics and these events ‘cheapen’ the IP that’s involved. David DeMartini, Head of Origin states;

“I just think it cheapens your intellectual property. I know both sides of it, I understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, that is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of stuff at a low price.”

Like getting a Jaguar at 50% the normal price would make you think less of Jaguar’s in the future. Or something.

Anyway, fast-forward to today, where EA have announced ‘Origin’s FloorPrice‘ promo. Discounts on offer go all the way up to 87%. A number even Steam would be proud of.

There’s some serious bargains to be had, with legitimately great games like Arkham Asylum, Darksiders and Dead Space 2 available for £5. An absolute steal, even if it does reek of an attempt at getting Origin installed on more machines.

The hypocrisy of this, given EA’s initial statement and then blatant U-turn, make me laugh. No, cry. Still, it’s good news for consumers. Wait, it’s bad. This ‘flip-flop-itus’ seems contagious. Thanks EA.


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