The Week That Was – A Look At Last Week’s News

It’s Sunday. It’s a time to reflect on the last seven days.

It’s my weekly look at the news.

It’s ‘The Week That Was’.

As always, a ‘real’ post just seems like too much effort on this day. If it was good enough for God to rest on, it’s good enough for me to do a half-hearted re-cap. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what went down.

Next-Gen Yet?

Coming out of E3, there was a real feeling that everything that was shown, except the next-gen games, was just a bit of a stop-gap until Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles are announced.

This has carried on this week. According to Alain Corre of Ubisoft, gamers are waiting for the next-gen and they’re bored of what they’re currently getting. With sales figures released this week (more on that later), it’s hard to argue that gaming sales aren’t slowing down.

Not everyone’s down on the current ccle coming to an end. Deep Silver, the publishers of Dead Island and it’s impending sequel, Dead Island: Riptide, are seeing it as an opportunity. A reduced RRP for their new title has grabbed some headlines and will hopefully grab them some extra sales too.

The need for ‘new’ was slightly met by Apple, who had their annual WWDC. Some impressive numbers being thrown around and some shiny new hardware managed to appease the Apple fans out there.

Naturally, not everyone’s fussed about moving forward . It came to the internet’s attention this week that someone had been playing the same game of Civilization 2 for about 10 years. He’s managed to create a tale of a miserable future where the world is constantly in war, millions die every year and progress is never made. It’s very 1984 and worth a read.

Bad Business

Surprise, surprise. I’m writing about job losses and money being thrown away. Not to mention legal troubles. RinseWashRepeat was chosen for a reason, you know.

Nokia are losing 10,000 jobs, sales of games are down 28%. these two stories don’t need much explanation or analysis.

Legal issues coming to light this week include the Bank Rhode Island being subpoena’d for their involvement in the lending and subsequent loss of $7.5mil. This money vanished overnight as the firm it was loaned to, 38 Studios, filed for bankruptcy last week. They say it takes two to tango and in this case, it does seem crazy to agree to lending $7.5mil to a developer that has produced no previous games and is looking to enter into the highly volatile MMO market.

THQ (again!) have had to answer their share-holders as they’re being investigated for making ‘misleading claims’ about their UDraw tablet. Apparantly, investros were told that UDraw was a platform for growth that the company was looking to exploit, when in fact, it was a mess that ended up with millions of tablets sitting in a warehouse. Oh THQ. you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Speaking of investors, both Habbo and Zynga are seeing their shares fall. Habbo recently had their ‘hotel’ investigated on television, where it was discovered that Habbo Hotel is full of paedophiles. Nothing but.

Zynga? Well, they’ve just seen their number of users drop off significantly, which has shaken up the investors. Selling of Zynga share has been halted temporarily, which may help to stop the ‘tailspin’ their company value is in. We’ll see. A tough time for the ‘freemium’ developers.

The Rest

Speaking of ‘freemium’, a few of the questions that came up during the BAFTA question time made a few sites. Though you read it here first, right?

That’s all for now. I’m off.


Anything to add?

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