A Bundle of Joy! – Latest ‘Humble Indie Bundle’ Breaks $5 Million

Hooray! Some good news to talk about.

The Humble Indie Bundle V has managed to raise over $5 million!

What’s a ‘Humble Indie Bundle’, you say?

Here’s the idea. A bunch of indie developers are bought together by the people at Humble. These indie developers allow their games to be bundled together into a ‘Humble Indie Bundle’. This is then sold.

Where it’s a little different is that people are allowed to pay whatever they want, with a minimum of $1. So, this bundle, the fifth so far, contained Super Meat Boy, Braid, Lone Survivor, Bastion, Psychonauts, Amnesia, Limbo and Superbrother: Sword and Sworcery EP. A lot of games for not a lot of money. All are DRM free and all come with their soundtracks as well, which considering the soundtracks on these games, is nothing to be sniffed at.

Why this is particularly nice is because this type of scheme seems to bring the best out in people. Whilst the minimum was $1, on average, people decided to pay $8.53. Where this gets even nicer is that two charities benefit from this as well, as they’ll receive a cut of the $5.1 million raised.

Considering the first Humble Bundle raised $1.2 million only 2 years ago, this shows that ‘The Humble Indie Bundle’ is still growing in popularity despite the word ‘indie’ somewhat losing it’s meaning and charm these last few month. Which is Lovely.

So, a big fat ‘well done’ to everyone involved.

Well done!


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