I’m With the Banned – Diablo 3 Getting Exploited, Will Ban Yo’ Ass

It seems that Blizzard aren’t yet done with Diablo 3.

Further reports suggest that the game, famous for its poor release, is still facing problems. What problems?

Click on.

Blizzard came out today and stated that they’ll happily ban anyone that they catch cheating. Permanently.

This may seem a touch harsh, but it’s all to do with ensuring the safety and validity of their auction house is maintained. Why is that so important? Well, it’s because sometime in the ‘future’ you’ll be able to use real money to buy these digital goods.

This statement hasn’t come out of the blue though. The Asian servers for Diablo 3 had to be taken offline yesterday to remove a duplication bug that allowed players to create multiple copies of ‘valuable’ and rare items.

This continuing trouble with Diablo makes me wonder how feasible the real money auction house is. With Blizzard having painted themselves into something of a corner. The auction house has to go live at some point otherwise their ludicrously restrictive DRM isn’t vindicated.

Given how much the ‘always online’ requirement is hated, it MUST be vindicated.

This’ll no doubt rumble on. I’ll post again when some gets paid £1,000,000 by mistake.


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