Nintendo or Nintendon’t? – Nintendo’s E3 Conference Round-up

Thank the Lord. It’s over. This is the last of the press conferences I’ll be looking at and, more importantly, it’s the last terrible pun you’ll see in my titles.

Until the next post. I just can’t help myself.

For a look at what Nintendo blabbed on about, you know what to do.

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Right. Let’s go out with a bang. Hopefully, Nintendo gave us something good to go out on.

Pikmin 3

Right off the bat Nintendo had Miyamoto on stage talking about Pikmin 3. I’ve got say that I loves me some Pikmin, so this is nothing but good news. New types of Pikmin along with 3 new captains to control (though NO Olimar) all in a lovely high resolution world has got me sold on this one.

I’m slightly disappointed in the use of the Wii U GamePad. It seems that the touch screen controller will be used as nothing more than a fancy map, allowing you greater control of your view.

New Super Mario Bros. U

What a stupid name. It’s so long and unweidly. Seriously.

Anyway, the game looks might similar to the Wii version, though as you;d expect, contains a few new features so the person with the GamePad has somethig to do.

The focus appears to be on multi-player, with 4 people able to run around the levels and a fifth taking charge of placing blocks to make it easier for the others to traverse the levels. I’m not exactly surprised or blown away by this, but every Nintendo console needs a Mario game and whilst this is hardly a revolution, it’s certainly a nice addition to the catalogue of potential Wii U games.

Batman Arkham City : Armoured Edition

Another insanely long name! What’s the deal?

Whilst you’ll find no-one being a bigger fan of Arkham City than myself (as my 500 Riddler trophies will testify), I can’t say the new editions will convince me to buy this game again.

What you’ve essentially got here is a port of what will be a game that’s over a year old with a bunch of ‘new’ motion controls slapped on. I can see why it’s happened, with Arkham City being fantastic and the Wii U needing games, though I hope this doesn’t set a precedent for re-releasing old games. That’d just be a wasted opportunity.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

This put a smile on my face. Scribblenauts is a puzzle game, of sorts, wherein you write down any item you can think of to get to the end of the level. Jet-packs, tigers, hydras – seriously, anything you could think of was in the game.

 Now Scribblenauts is looking to allow you to create anything. A demo showed that you can create a toaster, with skulls for wheels, that fires salmon and can then be ridden. So yeah, all very interesting and exciting. I also like the idea of being able to create an item and have my friends use it at a latter date. Expect to see toaster cars and turkey-slinging robots sometime soon.


After some singing crap, there was mention of some 3DS games. Keeping this brief, the two that looked best would have to be Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario Sticker Star. Both look quality, though if you’ve played either game’s previous versions, you’ll know what to expect.

Lego City Undercover

This looks pretty nice. It looks like there’s going to be the classic Lego style of gameplay, being able to build things out of currounding Lego blocks. You’ll also be able to switch characters on the fly, well, change costume at least, and this gives you different powers depending on what you’re wearing.

There’s also the fact that this is to be a open-world game. So you can expect to be able to run around this Lego city, picking up missions and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Nintendo Land

Holy. Shit. This presentation went on for so long. This looks essentially like Wii Sports, the game that came bundled with the Wii console. It seems to me that this mini-game collection serves no other purpose than to get people used to the controller and the different ways in which it’s used.

That was it. After what was a solid start, this conference soon descended into nothing, focusing on games that I just couldn’t care about and then to finish on Nintendo Land was insane. So disappoint.

Here’s to the rest of E3 and all the demos and previews we’re likely to see.


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