Ubi Illing or Ubi Tripping? – Ubisoft’s E3 Conference Round-up

Ubisoft. At E3. They had stuff. Want to see it?

Click on.

Enough chit-chat. I don’t have time to waste on introductions. There’s games to be looked at. Ubisoft games! What ones? Just look!

Far Cry 3

Coming out swinging, Ubisoft demonstrated Far Cry 3. Whilst you may have gathered from my previous posts that I am bored of shooting things, this has gained my interest.

Firstly, we’ve got some incredibly lush looking graphics. The environments cast some amazing looking shadows and the foliage look to have a real weight to them, instead of the normal cardboard cut-out, ‘just a texture poking out of the ground’ feel you get from most games. Water and flames look incredibly convincing and, if Far Cry 2 is anything to go by, could have an impact on the way you play. Remember setting whole fields on fire in Far Cry 2? I do.

Whilst the story seems to be of the ‘take it or leave it’ variety, the main antagonist, Vaas, looks like a real stand-out character. Whoever mo-capped and voiced him could be gaining some awards for the work on display here.

It’ll be interesting to see if different approaches can be taken when tackling the enemies, as areas are large and some weapons, like the bow and arrow, are silent. One to watch.


We are treated to just a trailer. The film’s been bigger than big, so why not cash in. Video.

Rayman Wii U

On show were some very intersting ways to use the different controllers. It looks to be the Rayman style from Rayman: Origins, but I urge you to watch the video. There’s an amazing fianle, with sound, co-op and platform all combining together to make something very cool.

Other Wii U Titles

Ubisoft seemed to be pretty keen on showing their support for Nintendo’s upcoming console. A zombie title, Zombi U, showed the Wii U support and on this Jubilee weekend, what could be more fitting?

Being honest, this is just a trailer that shows nothing and.. well, it’s got zombies in it. So that’s. New?

There was also mention of Rabbids, fitness apps, Kart racing and dancing. There’s a big push behind the Wii U, which Nintendo no doubt appreciates, though most titles announced are a bit ‘same-old, same-old’. We’ll see.

Assassin’s Creed III

Alright! Here we go!

To start with, there was an incredibly dumb CGI trailer – with the new guy, Connor, taking on an entire army.

Soon we got onto gameplay though. It seems that the parkour has changed to allow you to run among trees. It’s as fluid as you’d expect. Swinging from tree to tree looks satisfying, with cliffs being climbed up. Those of you worried about changing from an urban environment need not worry, as this natural landscape is full of elements to interact with. This soon gives way to a fort where a tea drinking Brit is chilling out and he needs to get got.

Combat looks fluid, though could be animation heavy, leaving you to do nothing but press ‘kill’ to watch an eloborate fight take place. As soon as the Brit is taken out, the world degenerates to go to Desmond’s time, but the demo stops.


Don’t care. Just another shooting thing. Urgh.

Watch Dogs

WOW! This game seems to have a great story, or at least a great set-up. The demo showcased a couple of well acted scenes as well as incredible graphics.

Gameplay looks stealth heavy. You rely on ‘the netowrk’ and the fact that you have access to it. You can jam phones and access people’s files to find out how violent they are, allowing you to pre-emptively strike and also allows you to see who people work for to blow their cover and reveal their true intentions.

Whilst the first section of the demo was stealth heavy, the action soon kicked off, with you creating a huge car accident thanks to some messing about with traffic lights. A fire-fight soon broke out as your intended target had back-up. The action looked pretty standard, using cover and popping up from time to time, firing off a round.

What seemed to be hinted at, though, was some form of co-op multiplayer. As soon as the main character starts running away, another group, all with suspiciously ‘Gamertag’ looking names, started phoning each other talking about providing bacvk-up.

I love the look of this game. The setting, the gadgets, the tone, the story and the action looks solid to boot. I find it hard to believe this will be a current-gen title though. I’m also interested in seeing if they use the Wii U’s tablet with the game. I can see using the touch-screen controller to scroll through details of the characters near you being quite intuitive and downright fun.

With that big finish, Ubisoft were done. Next up. Sony.


Anything to add?

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