The Week That Was – Pre3 Edition

Even with developers and publishers trying to avoid the E3 rush by releasing news early, it’s still ALL TOO MUCH.

So much news has come out this past week, there’s just no way of sifting through it all. Or is there?

Click on!

The tactic of releasing news early to avoid the storm that is E3 has now created something of a pre-E3 rush. I’ll call it Pre3.

So, to help with all of the news and announcements that have been flying at us this week, here’s my guide to the biggest news that’s come out this past 7 days.


A number of games were announced or ‘leaked’ this past week. There were also a number of trailers released for games that we’re already aware of.

Tomb Raider

An interesting new trailer for the re-boot of the Tomb Raider series. It looks to be very cinematic, but a lot of the scenes seems to be of a quick-time event variety. How much of this game is going to be pressing ‘A’ really quickly? A Tomb Raider / Track & Field cross-over could be on the cards.

Dead Space 3

Oh no, how silly of me. These images were leaked and now everyone’s talking bout the game. Uh oh!

The screens in question show what looks like a second playable character. This would be bad news as far as I’m concerned. Having a partner removes ALL tension from a horror games. Where’s the threat if you know that someone’s got your back and if worse come to worst, they can come over and press ‘X’ on your corpse to pick you back up onto your feet.

Gears of War : Judgement

Wait, let me find my surprised face…

Nope. Can’t find it. Anyone thinking that the ‘third and final piece of the Gears trilogy’ meant that it’d be the third and final Gears game is a fool.

‘Judgment’ is set to be a prequel bought to you by the people that made ‘Bullet Storm’. Excited?


  • There was news of a ‘mature’ Star Wars game being in production. I suppose this is to appease the fans after the business with Star Wars : Kinect. Yeah. The less said about that, the better.
  • Dishonored had a trailer chock full of game-play. I’m not all that fussed by it, though others seem to be genuinely excited. To each their own, I guess, though I must admit, the idea of controlling a pack of killer rats? Yeah, I can get behind that.

  • A new Need for Speed game? Who cares? I do! Why!? Well! It’s because! Criterion! The people who made Burnout! Are making it! Exclamation mark!
  • I could be here all day, so let’s wrap this up. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance got a new trailer. There it is, down there.

  • A new Lego game. Yep, that’s down there as well.

That’s it for the games that have been announced or shown during this year’s Pre3.


It’s not all about the games you know. There’s some rumoured business goings on as well as a slice of hardware news to have a look at.

Sony Streaming

Sony have been talking a big game with regards to their ‘Playstation Plus’ service. A number of people have been teasing that ‘big things are coming’ for the subscription fee service which delivers customers games, discounts and other exclusive content.

Where this could be very interesting is the fact that Sony have been sniffing about a number of game streaming services, looking to buy them up. This has fueled speculation that ‘Playstation Plus’ will offer game streaming through the console. I say exciting, you say…

Next Gen?

I can’t see this happening, but I still feel duty-bound to make you aware of it. The next generation of consoles, according to a report or two, COULD be at this year’s E3.

Like I say, I think it’s very doubtful, to just announce a console like this, completely out of the blue. No leak? No mention of it in a pre-E3 press conference? Doubtful, but worth mentioning anyway.

Mii U ‘Me Too’ for Xbox?

A trend that could continue into the next generation of consoles is the need for other companies to copy what Nintendo are doing. According to rumours, Microsoft are looking at creating a tablet for their next console. Just like the Wii U, that’s right! Who knows, but given how blatant the Kinect and Move were to cash-in on the ‘motion control’ thing, this wouldn’t surprise entirely.

That’s it for now. The real thing starts tomorrow, putting to an end what has been a great Pre3.

The Pre3 is dead. Long live the E3!


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