Trailer Trash – New ‘Hitman : Absolution’ Trailer Causes Complaints

Hey everyone! The new Hitman trailer’s out.

It apparently shows off some of the new characters we can expect to see in the new game, but people aren’t happy about it.  So what’s the fuss about?

Click on.

The basic gist of the trailer is that there are a bus full of killer nuns (what?) who are dressed in PVC (why?) who are then brutally murdered (that’s par for the course).

These nuns appear to be part of a team sent to kill Agent 47. My guess is that this group of women will provide you with your biggest challenge through the up-coming game. Perhaps this will allow us to see the hunter become the hunted? This trailer is the perfect opportunity to provide us with information on these relentless killing machines. A chance to understand just what it is we’ll be coming up against in the Agent’s latest outing.

Except, it isn’t. It’s just an excuse for violence and some mild titillation. Hmm.

The whole trailer is an exercise in OTT. The tight-fitting clothes leave nothing to the imagination and the action slows down so we can get a really good look at the women grimacing in pain as their noses are flattened, necks broken or craniums punctured with a bullet. Violence for violence’s sake. There’s no ‘message’ or actual reveal of information. Who are these characters? We still have no idea.

Not only is the trailer morally questionable, with the combination of sex and violence towards women being a dangerous combination at the best of time, but it’s also just plain out of character for the series. For a game which is all about subtlety and remaining unnoticed, this trailer just doesn’t fit.

It stinks as an easy attempt at, yet again, games aiming their advertising scopes on low-hanging fruit. Blokes like women and guns and things blowing up. Let’s have this trailer full of women and guns and things blowing up. Lazy and misinformed.

What really blows me away is the fact that this isn’t the first ill-advised Hitman campaign there’s ever been. Blood Money, the previous Hitman game in the series, also had a questionable combination of sex and violence towards women in a series of adverts that drew tons of complaints.

This is ultimately a real pitty. Gamers are seen as chauvinistic, violence loving idiots. The Hitman series is misrepresented as some brainless kill-athon and the self-serving nature of this trailer won’t broaden the appeal of the game, ultimately giving people the wrong impression and possibly damaging the upcoming release. A failure on all counts. Unless you count ‘creating an internet shitstorm’ as a success. In which case the phrase ‘low-hanging fruit’ comes to mind again.

Where’s the trailer where the names of the 8 are revealed? What’s each woman’s skill or history? What’s their motivation to want to take out Agent 47? Are they really as easy to dispatch as this cinematic suggests? Aren’t they bad-ass?

So many questions, so little answers. Let’s hope that the future promotional materials focus on the game itself and don’t just grab as much attention as possible and fuel insecure boy’s power fantasies.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Trash – New ‘Hitman : Absolution’ Trailer Causes Complaints

  1. Cor! Look at those! Phwoarr! And look at that! Wowza! And then it all goes like BALALLOMMMM!!!

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