This Doesn’t Suck, it Diablos – Diablo’s Roller-coaster Release

Diablo 3’s been released recently. You may have heard about it.

Thing is, it wasn’t as simple as ‘releasing’ the game. Blizzard chucked in some ‘always-online’ feature, meaning you HAD to be connected to Blizzard’s servers. Guess what happens next…

Click on.

Within the first 24 hours of release a lot of people received the now somewhat infamous ‘error 37’. This basically meant that people couldn’t get onto the servers, as mentioned before. The main point of ire was the fact that even if you wanted to play single-player, on your own, minding your own business, you still had to log on to the server.

NO ONE could get on the server. NO ONE could play the game.

Even when people could get on, there were complaints of users experiencing lag. This went on for a fair few days after release though seems to have settled down now.

Why was this necessary? Well, this is a heavy handed version of DRM, no doubt, but I’d imagine it’s also got a lot to do with the fact Blizzard have implemented an auction-house within the game. This means, as you’d imagine, that you can sell the items you find in the game on a EBay-esque service for Diablo Gold or, wait for it, real money.

The auction house STILL isn’t working yet though. People have been able to buy items with their game gold but the ‘real-world’ money option has been delayed ‘indefinitely’.

At least with this incredibly restrictive service you’d imagine security would be pretty amazing. Well, these reports aren’t confirmed and have been denied by Blizzard, but some people are mentioning that their accounts are being ‘hacked’. If this is just an issue of people poorly securing their accounts or if it’s a genuine problem on Blizzard’s end, we’ll see.

It’s not all doom and gloomn surrounding Diablo 3. Hell no. For a start, the sales of this game have been incredible. It is, in fact, the fastest selling PC game of ALL TIME. Impressive, no? Reviews have been, on the whole, pretty positive, as the game itself is amazing. It’s just being let down by the method in which it’s delivered. Have a look at this Metacritic (Bleurgh!) page to see the disparity between the ‘critics’ and the ‘fans’.

Whilst I normally hate the people that bitch and moan on the internet, they really do have a point this time. They are entitled to play this game after all, you know, what with PAYING for it and all.


Anything to add?

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