All Rezzed Up – EuroGamer & RPS Introduce ‘Rezzed’

This coming July sees the first, of what could be many expos, titled ‘Rezzed’.

‘Rezzed’ looks to showcase indie titles, mainly of the PC variety, and is offering all sorts of talks and attractions. Won’t you join me in taking a closer look?

Click on.

The first thing that stops me from thinking ‘Oh no, a cynical attempt at cashing in on everyone’s fixation with indie’ is the fact it’s being organised by the people behind the EuroGamer expo and the fine crew at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. A good omen indeed.

The whole ‘indie’ aspect of the show is likely to see a whole truckload of studios showing us their wares. Success stories are likely to be there but what’s intriguing is the announced ‘Leftfield Collection’. This is essentially a bunch of indie games that haven’t had much, if any, exposure and is being carefuly currated to ensure it’s of good quality.

As well as the ‘little guys’, there’ll be some ‘big guys’ too. Sega and Creative Assembly have already got their names on the line-up, with Aliens: Colonial Marines looking to be a (hopefully) highlight of the event. With a LOT still to be announced, this is looking to be an event to keep your eye on.

Those of you looking to do more than play, there’s a whole lot of talking going on. As with the other areas of the show, a lot is still up in the air, but several confirmed speakers have been announced. Ben Gunstone (Stainless Games) along with people from Creative Assembly and Indie Stone will be offering their views and expertise on making games and in particular, the difficulty in being ‘indie’.

There’s still a lot to be announced so I highly recommend you keep an eye on this, get yourself down to Brighton and have a good time.

Do it! DO IT NOW!


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