U Excited? – Are People Looking Forward to the Wii U?

I’ve noticed 2 things about Nintendo’s upcoming console;

1.) No one’s really talking about it.

2.) When they do, it’s not on a particularly positive note.

This got me thinking about why so much negative energy, or at best downright apathy, exisits towards Nintendo’s latest offering.

Click on.

The first thing to note is that we’ve not had a concrete release date. People often find it hard to get excited about something when they don’t know when they can have it, though it looks like a release date has slipped out. If rumours are to be believed, the console should be with us on the 18th of November. Perfect for the Christmas season, though Nintendo will need to ensure their hardware is in the minds of people and with 6 months to go, this looks achievable.

If it’s not the lack of a release date, what else could it be that’s causing the Wii U to fail in capturing our imagination or attention. A good area to look at would be the suspected launch line-up. Nothing has jumped out and grabbed people’s attention. There’s a reliance on old IP, as you’d expect, but it’s the announced 3rd party stuff that sticks out. Games like Arkham City and Ninja gaiden 3 will have been released 9 months ago, if not longer, by the time the Wii U’s released.

Wii U’s controller promises to be ‘revolutionary’ and ‘game changing’, but then so did the Wii Remote. People soon got sick of waggling their controllers as lazy developers produced games that used the device as nothing more than a gimmick bolted on to an already existing control scheme. People are feeling burned by Nintendo’s perceived reliance on having controllers that ‘are different’, so having a giant tablet as a controller has done little to silence these particular arguments.

There’s another nasty rumor going around that regards Epic’s newest version of the Unreal engine, Unreal Engine 4 (very imaginative). People have been saying that the Wii U won’t be able to handle Unreal Engine 4 and this would be a disaster. The screenshots coming out from Epic show that Unreal Engine 4 is going to look stunning and if this generation of games is anything to go by, it’ll continue to be something of an industry standard. Missing out on this could not only mean missing out on some great graphics, but missing out on some great games that use the Unreal Engine. That’s, potentially, a lot of games.

I for one don’t get the backlash that’s been aimed at the Wii U. The console’s months away and we’ve not even had a proper look at it. People seem to be keen on writing this off just based on the hate they have for the Wii. Despite Nintendo’s best efforts at re-assuring consumers that the Wii U won’t make the same mistakes as the Wii, it seems that actions are going to be needed. Not just words.

Are you looking forward to the Wii U? Is it just going to be the Wii all over again?


3 thoughts on “U Excited? – Are People Looking Forward to the Wii U?

  1. Nintendo just is getting the same quality of games (or as many) as the other consoles. I think that’s what is holding the platform back the most.

  2. I think the biggest issue Nintendo consoles have had, and will continue to have, is that they’re SO different.
    If you, as a game developer, want to make a AAA title, you’ll want it to be played (and therefore sold) to as many people as possible. That’s why a lot of AAA games are made for the PS3, 360 and PC as their controls are very similar and a direct port between the consoles doesn’t require much doing.
    With the Wii, you’ve got to re-configure the whole game to account for the different type of controller being used. So you have a bigger challenge (new controller type) that’s to be sold to a smaller market.

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