The Bomb’s Been De-Fused?

With today’s announcement of Giant Bomb being sold off to CBS I thought it’d be a good idea to look at what I think this means for the Giant Bomb team and more importantly, the great content they produce.

Now, a popular website being bought out isn’t a particularly news worthy thing on its own. This buy-out takes on a slightly different edge when you consider this. Jeff Gerstmann worked at Gamespot but ‘left’ after a whole affair involving Gerstmann’s review for Kane And Lynch. Now, with this news today, Gerstmann will be working for Gamespot once again. Funny old world, eh?

This becomes a difficult time for those that have bought into the independent nature of Giant Bomb’s game coverage. Gamespot and Giant Bomb have been quick to reassure everyone that their money will be put towards a somewhat similar scheme that operates over on Gamespot. I find it hard to believe that Giant Bomb’s DIY attitude to game coverage will remain untouched throughout all of this, though I could be wrong and even hope that I am. The fans on Giant Bomb’s own chat and stream seem to be on a bit of a downer as well. Surprise, surprise, internet community up in arms about change. Shock horror, I know.

I wish those at Giant Bomb all the best and hope that they’re utterly ridiculous coverage continues unchanged and continues for the foreseeable future.

Anything to add?

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