Soul Calibur V – Launch Event

Soul Calibur V came out on the 3rd and to celebrate NamcoBandai, along with Gamespot, decided to throw something of a party.

The event went extremely well, with the venue being a nice size for everyone to gather in, a bar that kept things flowing, more than enough stations to jump on as well as plenty of arcade sticks to get to grips with.

This being my first time on SCV, I soon got to grips with the basics. The crowd was pretty helpful and were often happy to entertain my ignorance and explain some of the new features of the game. What I found to be crucial within the game was the idea that every time I got beaten (this happened a lot) it was through one of my many mistakes, not because the characters were cheap or the controls weren’t working.

As mentioned earlier, the new SCV arcade sticks were on show yesterday and, I’m no expert on these things either, bear in mind, but they seemed to be pretty great. My over enthusiastic button mashing seemed to be taken in its stride and the stick itself felt responsive as well, with plenty of wiggle room to get my quarter circle on. Lovely. Want a better, more informed opinion? Here you go, have at.

All in all, a great time was had. The game itself seems to be pretty solid, with the crowd of enthusiastic fighter aficionados also agreeing. Some of the skill on show yesterday truly blew my mind and made both want to get into fighting games badly and quit before I even started. I don’t have a chance, but damn it looks fun.

Once again, a big thanks to the @NamcoBandaiUK team for making it happen. Great job.

Anything to add?

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