Advertising an Advert

Whilst watching some crappy TV, my girlfriend got excited by an advert. It was for the new Resident Evil game.

“Look! A new Resident Evil game’s coming out” she said. “I don’t have a 3DS” I reply from the other room.
“No. This one’s on XBox.” She’d just seen advert for Resident Evil 6, a game coming out in NOVEMBER. late Novemeber at that. This leaves me one question.

Looking around, it was clear that this crazy early television exposure HAD been done before. The game was Halo 3 and it had a marketing budget of $40 million. So it’s completely in a league of its own. It was also very clever with the money it spent.

Halo first begun it’s campaign 10 months before release, with a teaser being shown on TV. Much like Resident Evil is doing. Difference being that the advertising slots used were much more effective. Halo chucked on their teasers during football matches. Expensive, yes, but this is aimed directly at the heart of their fans. The Resident Evil trailer is only appearing (from what I can tell) during late night breaks on obscure digital TV channels. Hardly their ‘core demographic’.

This stuff must cost good money. It strikes me as an odd way to get people interested in your product. The fact is, the people that know about your brand (people who play games) will most likely spend time on sites about games.These sites are practically free advertising. All you need to do is mention that a new game is coming out and sites will dive on it like a seagul after a Skip that’s just fallen on the floor. If they don’t go onto the web for their gaming news then they’re reading magazines. If they do neither, they’re insane and must go into GAME and play ‘eeny, meeny, miny, moe’. Then get angry when it turns out that Brink isn’t very good, especially when Mum hasn’t paid for another 12 months of XBox Live.

Anyone else (i.e, people watching shitty digital TV) are not going to be too bothered about what it is, are unlikely to follow your orders and Google ‘Resident Evil 6’ and even if they do, they’re not likely to remember it 10 months down the line. When the game, you know, actually comes out.

Still, I’m excited for it and I’ll be checking up online to see how it’s shaping up. I just don’t see what the thought is behind this type of advertising.


Anything to add?

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