Hopes for the New Year

So, with a New Year comes an almost obligatory New Years post. Click on to find out just what it is that I WANT to happen, what I DON’T want to happen.

So, first, the good.

What I Want

    • New Console Announcements – Yep. It’s what I want. I realise that it’d be foolish to expect more than concepts of consoles, fonts lifted straight from the new Spiderman film or even so CG trailers, but I just want to get the ball rolling. Nintendo announced their new console this year, and whilst Sony and Microsoft aren’t really in the same game as Nintendo anymore, the 2 companies would do well to get a move on and not let Nintendo have too big of a head start. Plus I want to hear the new names. Playstation 4? XBox 720? God, I hope not.
    • Interesting / Risky Downloadable game – Yep. Go and play Rock of Ages, From Dust, Limbo, Braid, Stacking (any Double Fine game, really), etc. They’re all great and they wouldn’t exist (IMHO) without the reduced barriers to entry that a downloadable marketplace offers. These odd, interesting and sometimes downright risky (risky as in niche) games may hold a somewhat limited appeal, but for those that ‘get’ them, they’re a joy. They’re a break from the sure fire success of a military shooter, a sports sim or an open world crime ’em up. That’s why  love them, that’s why I look forward to seeing more of them.
    • This Blog to Actually LAST – A personal one of mine. I just want to see this thing through. I enjoy games and often have an opinion on them, what they’re doing and how they’re being run. Turns out, I also enjoy writing. So for me to keep up with this thing would be great. For me and for (hopefully) you.

What I Don’t Want

    • Lazy Re-Makes and sequels – Pow. Halo just got re-released on 360. Halo 4 is on its way. Tony Hawk’s is getting a HD remake. Really? This is nothing new, and after the year we just had where every other game was ‘Generic Whatevs 3‘ it’s hardly surprising. I’d just like it to stop. I hold no real hope of this happening.
    • Broken Games – You know what’s cool? Nowadays, console gamers can have slight bugs tweaked out of their games and balancing issues addressed with ‘patches’. This also means that some games get released, broken as all balls, only to get patched months later. Not cool. Mortal Kombat was buggered, Oblivion, Dead Island and I’m sure others all suffered from this recently. It just seems to be getting worse. As soon as the press release of ‘It’s Out!’ is written, the next one is ‘Patch Out Tomorrow!’. I mean, even day one patches exist. DAY ONE! IT’S GETTING ‘FIXED’ ON THE SAME DAY IT’S RELEASED!? Maybe I’m over exaggerating but hey, fix it before you sell it.
    • Meaningless Names – You seen that new Bioware game? It’s called Command & Conquer. That new Metal Gear game. Yeah, the one where you play as a ninja and slice up melons. No, no, no! Stop piggy backing on a successful name to promote a new thing, be it game or developer. You don’t fool anyone, you piss off existing fans of said company / franchise and you tarnish (potentially) the name that people hold in high regard. Take a risk, create a new IP. Don’t try to trick me by sticking a name I recognise onto a product I don’t. Please.

What Will Happen

    • More Security Issues – This is the internet. Get used to it. With the great benefits of having a console hooked up to the web, fact is, you’ve got to accept the bad. We’ve had the PSN compromised this year, Steam’s forums and parts of their actual service hacked and idiot Fifa players spilled their guts and lost MS points and virtual football players. For as long as there’s the internet, ‘l33t Haxorz’ will be waving their cybercocks about and trying to show who can be the most annoying and piss off the most people. So, yeah. Look forward to that…
    • Surprises – Games that are meant to be good will be shit and vice versa. What? What else do you want me to say? There will be surprises. Surprised?
    • Bankruptcy, closures, lost jobs – So many companies fall foul of this. It just seems to be ‘the way it is’ but a developer cannot have a bad game. They just can’t. It nearly always means the end of them, either through bankruptcy or through their owner closing them down. I wish this didn’t happen. It seems like such a strange practice that is readily accepted in the industry.

Well. That’s that. Hope you enjoyed it. Whatever happens. I’m sure it’ll be great. Wait. I’m not sure of that at all. Whatever happens, we will be able to say ‘that was a thing that did happen.’

THAT’S a guarantee!


Anything to add?

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