So, with a new blog starting up, it’s important to have an IDEA of what’s to come. Well. Read on. ‘Cos here’s the plan.

*Plans are subject to change…

Well. You’ve clicked on, so that’s a good start. Let me introduce you to a few features that I’d like to include within the blog.

    • MMMMORPGRPG – My Monthly Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Review of Played Games. Catchy? Basically, so many games cost money. A lot of MMORPG’s don’t. So I figured I’d take on a new MMO every month and comment on how I’m getting on. Community, leveling up, skill trees, clans. Wow. It sure SOUNDS like fun. Find out if it IS.
    • LoveGame – I own a LoveFilm account. As a result, I get random games through the post. Find out what I think about them. Here and only here.
    • Week’s News – Take a guess as to what this section’s all about. Go on. Guess. THAT’S RIGHT! This is the bit where I’ll bang on about what’s happened through the week. So, whatever that involves, this is where it’ll be. How good this section is depends on how interesting the week has been. Oh, my writing skills may also come into play as well.

That’s it for now. They’re the planned articles to be posted through the week, with any other bits and bobs coming into play as I see fit.

With that, I say goodbye, see you later and I hope you enjoy whatever it is that ends up happening on the blog!

Anything to add?

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